About us

IMERAI is a start-up based in Edinburgh UK. The company was founded to develop innovative new sensor technologies for robotics and AI, using the rich knowledge pool of the Edinburgh semiconductor ecosystem, and with the support of world-leading universities in the field. Our goal is to deliver small, affordable, privacy-conscious depth sensors to the mass market.

illustration of a robot assembly line
Our impact

In 2018 we noticed trend of product manufacturers moving to integrate cameras into their internet-connected products. Not only did we believe this was unnecessary, but also intrusive to users. IMERAI set out to find a better way to deliver the same functionality, and in doing so devised our ultrasonic echolocation technology.

We know of the great benefits that AI and automation promise. It is our goal to ensure that they can deliver those benefits without trading away our liberties through back-door surveillance.

Awards and supporting organisations
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