Enable immersive AI with echolocation

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Our sensor technology allows AI to understand the physical world.

Anonymous 3D video at source – never risk identifying users.

Make informed decisions for your device with the right data.

Recognise patterns, capture routines, adapt to change.

Why can't we use cameras?

To train and build an AI, do you need to teach it how to interpret information. This information needs to be described to the AI by a human in order for it to learn what to do with it. AIs need to adapt and learn continuously to understand the world like we do. But how can you teach an AI about what happens in people’s homes for example, without invading users’ privacy from human oversight?


You can’t use a camera, but you can use IMERAI’s sensor technology, because it captures anonymous video at source. That means that users’ faces can’t be seen or identified, and AIs can be trained to understand any environment that we need them in.

Data output from our sensor can come in a variety of forms, from emulating a simple distance sensor for low-power applications, to full 3D video output for AI and robotics. Its wide field of view suits a multitude of deployment applications.

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IMERAI’s technology can complement cameras by acting as custodian over their deployment; removing the need for always-on cameras that arouse suspicion with users.

When will the sensor be released?

We’re working hard to get some development kits out to our testing partners and customers. If you are interested in becoming a testing partner, or if you think our technology would be useful in your application, please get in contact with us!

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To find out how our technology can fit your application, please get in touch. We are actively looking for testing partners in a wide variety of industries, and we would welcome your enquiry.


We have openings in engineering and commercial support roles. If you are interested in joining the IMERAI team, please visit the link below.