Our story

We’re a startup based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

We develop a world-leading open-air echolocation sensor.

Our device works by bouncing ultrasonic waves off objects and detecting their relative distances and positions – just like bats do. Think of a camera that instead of seeing light, sees sound!

Our device captures detailed depth information of an environment, and returns it in a clean, integration-friendly format.

Our focus

Who's watching?

Cameras allow robots and smart devices to see, navigate, and interact with our world. But what do we do when cameras are unwanted intrusions?

IMERAI develops technologies that give devices sight, without the privacy concerns that cameras bring.

Removing optical components from devices means peace of mind for the user and manufacturer.

Our goals


Smart devices shouldn't need invasive cameras to be able to see. Our technology guarantees user privacy.


We hold ourselves to a high standard in making sure that everything we do is open and honest.

Ease of integration

We want to make it as easy as possible to integrate our sensor into your products and projects.

demonstration vector

Echolocation on-chip

Our technology

Our sensor marks a new chapter in depth-perception technology, making machine vision now possible without optical components.

We consider the device to be an emergent sensor technology, capable of changing the way we interact with machines.

The sensor returns a useful 3D depth image. This data can be used to perform environmental mapping, motion-tracking, and gesture control through our advanced on-chip algorithms.

All of this is encapsulated in a single solid-state device, with no moving parts.

Our sensor is currently:

70% Smaller
80% Cheaper
87% Lighter

Than the industry-leading depth camera.

Intelligence on-board

Integrated Intelligence

Our device is driven by a powerful intelligence engine that uses deep learning to calculate imagery from complex data. It also allows the sensor to adapt to its surroundings.

We’ve spent a lot of time on this, taking:

Training data samples

All processing is done on-board on a powerful 32-bit low-power processor, meaning there are minimal external computing and power requirements to deliver rich depth information back to the controller device.


Do you ever feel like you’re being watched?

The passive constraints of our technology mean that it is not physically possible to resolve personal identifiable features. That means that faces are effectively anonymised by default.

So if a product is compromised, users cannot be identified in images taken using our sensor, acting as the ultimate backstop to personal privacy.

Easy to integrate.

It’s important to us that everyone gets the chance to use our technologies. 

Not only do we love seeing creative new ideas, we also want to give back to the community that helped us get started down this path.

That’s why we’re developing free, easy to integrate, open-source libraries that will be compatible with all the major tech development platforms.

IMERAI founder Alex Bowen

Our founder

Alex Bowen is an Electronic Engineer and Computer Scientist. As the founder of IMERAI, he has overseen the development of our world-leading technology and continues to play an active role in technological development as the company grows.

With a keen interest in implementing artificial intelligence in embedded applications, he created IMERAI as a vessel to influence the smart device and robotics sector in a more privacy-oriented direction.

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If you want to learn more about us, please drop us a line and we’ll get back to you!

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